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About Prep

Prep Plant Based meals helps the world eat more plants by creating ready to eat, restaurant quality global cuisine, healthy, delicious, convenient meals packaged in compostable packaging. We offer a Gourmet and Fitness menu, and have breakfast, lunch, dinner and sweet options. Our meals can be brought individually or in discounted packs. We pride ourselves on our sustainable range.

Prep is perfect for people trying to improve and sustain health, fitness and weight goals or for people who just want to include more plants in their diet but don’t know where to start. We are ideal for people who are busy and so appreciate convenience of ready to eat, delicious, healthy meals made with quality ingredients and for those who still may want to eat meat.

Our fitness range is approved by the world women’s boxing champion nutritionist and was designed with the help of a vegan body builder.

We deliver Auckland wide and distribute to collection points in all major NZ cities. Prep also has gift cards and gift packs available including the ‘New Baby’ Gift pack, which includes discount cards for new parents to utilize.

We regularly post Meatless Monday recipes on our website and in our weekly e – letter and offer information on plant based eating and other places that offer plant based dine in options. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our Prep family.

We are the Plant Based Movement.

My mission is to build a brand that everyone can trust and also make it easy for everyone to eat a varied, nutritious and most importantly, delicious plant based diet.

Natalie Iris Richards / Founder

Our Story

In 2016, I started a truck driving job. I was working 60 to 70 hours a week, with early starts and late finishes leaving me no time to prepare meals in the morning or evening. My options on the road were limited and often unhealthy. I decided to go to the farmers market on Sunday mornings and spend the afternoon cooking meals for the week with the fresh produce I had bought. Working 12+ hours a day I needed nutritious, balanced meals to fuel my brain and body.

I cooked 100% plant-based meals that stayed fresh and tasted great days after they have been cooked. The benefits of eating a plant based diet became evident to me almost immediately, I had more energy, clearer skin and stronger hair.

I really enjoyed creating new recipes and discovering new cuisines every week, particularly the challenge and creativity in creating meat and dairy free versions of popular and classic dishes – the possibilities are infinite! I have always loved cooking for other people and sharing recipes and ideas, so when friends and collegues began taking an interest in my weekly meal prep for work. I began to wonder if I could expand and start providing weekly meals for other people.

‘Prep’ was born!

I built a small client base that continued to grow, many of whom were meat eaters, keen to try and adopt a healthier, plant based diet a couple days a week, but lacked the time or knowledge to be able to.

The benefits to us and our environment of eating less meat and dairy are well documented.

My mission is to build a brand that everyone can trust and also make it easy for everyone to eat a varied, nutritious and most importantly, delicious plant based diet.

Founder – Natalie Iris Richards

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