Creamy Black Garlic Pasta


Serves: 4

6 cups penne pasta


For the black garlic sauce:

5 x black garlic cloves (Murphy’s)

1 x cup cashews

1/2 x cup blanched almonds

3/4 x cup nooch

1 x Tbs Apple cider vinegar

1 x squirt lemon juice

Salt and pepper for tasting

2 cups water


Serve with:

1 x bunch asparagus

1 x bunch broccolini

1 x avo

Grater Goods Carrot Lox from Robinson’s Market Store


Put a pot of water on the boil with a generous amount of salt, once boiling add your penne pasta and cook to packet instructions

Add the sauce ingredients to the blender and blend until smooth

Add water and salt to a frying pan and once boiling add your broccolini and asparagus cover and let boil for 4 mins then drain and chop into 4cm stalks

Drain your pasta but leave 1/2 cup roughly of the pasta water in, add your sauce and then simmer stirring till thickened

Add some seasoning and the asparagus & broccolini and then stir until fully combined

Serve up on 4 plates and top with the Carrot Lox and avo

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