Smashed Tatties

This is a delicious twist on wedges/roast potatoes. These would go great as a side or you can load them up with vegan cheese, spring onion, sundried tomatoes or whatever tickles your fancy.


700 g – 1 kg Potato ( we recommend using Perla potatoes – washed, small and skin on)

3 Tbspn Onion powder

3 Tbspn Garlic powder

2 Tbspn Basil

1 Tbspn Chilli flakes

Olive Oil




Preheat oven to 200 o celsius.

In a large pot boil the potatoes. Add 1 -2 tspn of Salt while boiling. Boil for 15-20 mins or until tender enough to pierce with a fork.

Drain the potatoes and place in a bowl.

Coat with olive oil, then add salt and pepper, basil, onion powder, garlic powder and chilli flakes.

Mix in bowl until potatoes are evenly coated.

Place potatoes on a line baking tray. Take the bottom of a glass and squash the potatoes so they look smashed.

Cook at 200 for approx 25 – 30 mins.

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